My New Website is here!

1 Apr

Thanks so much for everyone that has read my blog and sent me comments. GREAT NEWS, Im taking my blog and website to a new level. Please visit my new website SimplyTy thats where all my posts will be, For simple ways in life to cook, clean, craft, decorate, also Tips & tricks And Other uses  for household items. Once again Thanks so much for the support!!Image


Remove those stains! (even those sweat stains)

25 Feb

Everyone that wears undershirts, especially white ones, knows the pesky sweat stains. The yellow stains that are left on the underarm part, that no bought stain remover or bleach will remove. Continue reading

Tip Alert! keep water from boiling over

12 Feb

Want to know a neat trick that you probably didn’t know. Put a wooden spoon on top of the pot when boiling something & the water will not boil over! Seriously I use this tip all the time and it really does work. Especially if your getting ready for guest Continue reading

Sausage Pockets

9 Feb

OMG! This has to be the easiest recipe for something quick and easy to make and they are SOOOOOOO Good! I got this recipe from my family members and when I say its went all over the place, it has really spread. Its 3 ingredients so how could you mess it up Continue reading

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

8 Feb

ITS HERE ITS HERE! Ok, So I seen a picture of these and I just had to google the recipe. I mean just listen to the name itself, Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies, I mean that’s like a 3in1 score for me, and an easy way to have 3 desserts in one small portion! When I got the recipe I was thinking “these are too easy, their not going to be good” Continue reading

Mini Lasagnas

8 Feb


I seen a picture of these mini lasagnas and had a big AHA moment. These are so delicious, small portion, quick & easy and great for a party or get together. No one serves lasagna at a party, but like this these make a wonderful appetizer, & be the talk of everyone. Not saying you will replace Martha Stewart Continue reading

Other handy uses for Vinegar

29 Jan

There are many other uses for vinegar than just cooking, & making volcanos. Some of these uses were a little eye popping for me. I love finding other uses for just regular household items. Here are some that I found interesting and most of them I’ve tried, and they work!  Continue reading

Get Yo’ Life Alfredo.

28 Jan

I love Alfredo, it’s one of my favorite pastas. I’ve tried to make homemade Alfredo many times and nothing has come out as good as this recipe, it’s quick, simple, creamy, and the best I’ve ate. Better than any restaurant Alfredo! Thats why I call this the “Get Yo Life Alfredo” because your life will be forever thankful you made this.

Continue reading

Sorry I was away.

28 Jan

Now I’m back. I was doing really good blogging what I cook, craft, or other uses but a few weeks back I got food poisoning. It wasn’t the normal 24hr I’m fine food poising, it was the I can last almost 2 weeks. So lately Ive been on a really big fruit kick. I never knew my passion & love of fruit until I got sick. Well at least one thing good came out of it, I lost a few pounds :). Seriously though, Food Poisoning is not something to be taken lightly, I’ve never been so sick in my life! Since I talk a lot about cooking, I thought I would share a link for more info on food poisoning and the many causes and types of it. It tells about the proper ways/expiration dates/ frozen-refrigerated to store food & treatment incase you do happen to get food poisoning from that favorite or new restaurant you went on a date with. Much Love, Ty

Slap Yo’ Mamma Cookies.

7 Jan

I have made MANY Chocolate Chip cookies, none of them has tasted like these. When I say this is the best cookies ever, these cookies will make you want to slap yo’ mamma! (Just don’t!) This recipe is pretty simple, not too many ingredients, and quick to cook. I did this recipe two different ways, Continue reading

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