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Tip Alert! keep water from boiling over

12 Feb

Want to know a neat trick that you probably didn’t know. Put a wooden spoon on top of the pot when boiling something & the water will not boil over! Seriously I use this tip all the time and it really does work. Especially if your getting ready for guest Continue reading


Other handy uses for Vinegar

29 Jan

There are many other uses for vinegar than just cooking, & making volcanos. Some of these uses were a little eye popping for me. I love finding other uses for just regular household items. Here are some that I found interesting and most of them I’ve tried, and they work!  Continue reading

More uses for Vodka than drinking

3 Jan

So its the new year, is one of your new years resolutions “No more wild & wasted nights”? (Yeah me either) If it is, don’t trash that Vodka there is more uses for it than getting hammered. Here are some other uses for Vodka.  Continue reading

Glitter Those Balls

19 Dec

Wrapped look

Balls, Everyone loves them. There are so many types of balls, big balls, little balls, shiny balls, furry balls, red balls, blue balls & etc. I can go on and on about balls, because everybody knows, We all love balls. Every year we all have balls that are no longer used, Continue reading

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