Remove those stains! (even those sweat stains)

25 Feb

Everyone that wears undershirts, especially white ones, knows the pesky sweat stains. The yellow stains that are left on the underarm part, that no bought stain remover or bleach will remove.
Well I’ve tried many things to get the stains out, from bought products and left them sitting, to other home remedies, none worked until today. I ran across this and people raved on how it actually worked. I’m here to tell you, it really does, it’s simple, really cheap, and it really works! I had horrible sweat stains, I’ll show you (even though it’s embarrassing) but everyone gets them. I haven’t tried this on colors, but I was told it is safe, it try it in a spot first. It also works good on grease stains.

All you need is 3 products (actually 2 of them)
Dawn blue dish washing detergent
Hydrogen peroxide
Baking soda (this is the optional product, it’s a good abrasive)

This was my shirts before.



Stir all products together, then apply to the area and take a laundry brush and scrub into the stain, I let mine sit for a few hours. Then launder as usual.


after I washed them, this is what they look like now. VERY WHITE!! AND NO STAINS



One Response to “Remove those stains! (even those sweat stains)”

  1. Ramona January 25, 2016 at 2:35 pm #


    I was just wondering if it was equal parts of all ingredients? I’m excited to try this out. Thanks for pinning:)

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