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Sausage Pockets

9 Feb

OMG! This has to be the easiest recipe for something quick and easy to make and they are SOOOOOOO Good! I got this recipe from my family members and when I say its went all over the place, it has really spread. Its 3 ingredients so how could you mess it up Continue reading


Mini Lasagnas

8 Feb


I seen a picture of these mini lasagnas and had a big AHA moment. These are so delicious, small portion, quick & easy and great for a party or get together. No one serves lasagna at a party, but like this these make a wonderful appetizer, & be the talk of everyone. Not saying you will replace Martha Stewart Continue reading

Fast Quesadillas

5 Jan

Want something spicy outside of the bedroom? Try this recipe for a no fail way to make quesadillas that are not only good, but really quick and easy.  Continue reading

Get your nut on, Peanut that is!

2 Jan

Peanut butter cookies are at the top of my list as my favorite cookie! There are MANY ways to make them, a lot of people simply just buy them though. Here is the easiest most versatile recipe Continue reading

Freshen it up!

31 Dec

Everyone uses some type of febreze or fabric refresh. I wanted to find a way to make more scents, there are many available products from dishwashing detergent to plug ins with the scent, but they go away after a while. I ran across this idea Continue reading

Fried PB&J

30 Dec

Ok, Yeah I know this sounds odd, but its so good! My mother made this one time and every since I have been hooked. Don’t just have a regular PB&J sandwich, put that thing on a skillet! Continue reading

Glitter Those Balls

19 Dec

Wrapped look

Balls, Everyone loves them. There are so many types of balls, big balls, little balls, shiny balls, furry balls, red balls, blue balls & etc. I can go on and on about balls, because everybody knows, We all love balls. Every year we all have balls that are no longer used, Continue reading

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