Sorry I was away.

28 Jan

Now I’m back. I was doing really good blogging what I cook, craft, or other uses but a few weeks back I got food poisoning. It wasn’t the normal 24hr I’m fine food poising, it was the I can last almost 2 weeks. So lately Ive been on a really big fruit kick. I never knew my passion & love of fruit until I got sick. Well at least one thing good came out of it, I lost a few pounds :). Seriously though, Food Poisoning is not something to be taken lightly, I’ve never been so sick in my life! Since I talk a lot about cooking, I thought I would share a link for more info on food poisoning and the many causes and types of it. It tells about the proper ways/expiration dates/ frozen-refrigerated to store food & treatment incase you do happen to get food poisoning from that favorite or new restaurant you went on a date with. Much Love, Ty


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