Fast Quesadillas

5 Jan

Want something spicy outside of the bedroom? Try this recipe for a no fail way to make quesadillas that are not only good, but really quick and easy. 

Heres what you will need:
Boneless Chicken Breasts (I used 3 medium sized breasts)
shredded cheese (about 2 cups)
Salsa (any type, whatever is your favorite type)
Horseradish sauce
Flour Tortillas 10″

First boil, cook, & strain your chicken. Then dice it in a food processor or cut until its loose and fine (not grinded too much)

Then in a bowl mix 1 cup of salsa with 3 tablespoons of horseradish sauce.

Lay out your first  tortilla, take a 2 tablespoons of the mix and spread, starting from the middle but not too close to the edge.

Then spread about half a handful of cheese (depends on how you prefer it) evenly but not too close to the edge, & add about 1/4 of a cup of chicken (unless you want more or less)

Then fold it in half and cook on a grill, or skillet. Note: if you use a skillet, you will need a lid to cover, and make sure to flip it every few minutes until its golden brown on both sides and that the cheese is melted.


Once the cheese is melted, its ready. Cut into triangles and its ready to be served. See I told you it was easy!


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