Freshen it up!

31 Dec

Everyone uses some type of febreze or fabric refresh. I wanted to find a way to make more scents, there are many available products from dishwashing detergent to plug ins with the scent, but they go away after a while. I ran across this idea and I have to say its the best one Ive used yet! When I say everything smells like Gain, I mean EVERYTHING! Be careful to not spray it on fabrics that may leave water marks or stains (Like suede). Take an empty spray bottle (one with a adjustable mist) and pour your favorite fabric softener half way into the bottle, add water to dilute & fill the bottle. thats it. it can be sprayed on carpet, linens, towels, drapes, rugs, Etc. & it has a scent that holds & stays. IT REALLY STAYS!



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