Multiple uses for dryer sheets

23 Dec


The Holidays are here! With all the cooking, cleaning, Etc. I know
this can be useful. Im starting a new section for other uses for
household things, and when I tell yall there is Soooo many, you
wouldn’t believe the thousands of uses available. So what way to start
than with Dryer Sheets! I will start with some of my favorite. Keep a
bowl for those used one, don’t trash what can be useful.

1.Get that burnt food off!
Oh No! Did something burn or stick? Get that residue off by
simply putting a dryer sheet in warm water and let the pan sit
overnight. The residue and burned food will wipe right off

2. Keep those critters away!
Now here is some different ones for those pesky critters
1. Keep the bees away by having one tied to your belt or in your back pocket
2. Same thing to keep mosquitoes off. (It really works!)
3. place them in your basement, corners, cabinets, under furniture:
this will keep rodents (mice, rats, squirrels, skunks, possums) away.
4. This will also repel spiders and chase ants away. (it really works
for spiders, Ive tried it because I HATE them!)

3. Clean that Iron!
Set your iron to low and rub on a dryer sheet until all the
residue is off

4. Get the Odor out!
1. Put sheets inside of shoes to get that horrible smell out.
2. Put inside empty luggage to prevent odors & that musty stale smell
3. Put inside gym bags & laundry hampers to prevent odors from starting
4. Put inside drawers to keep clothes & garments smelling fresh

5. Books smelling old? Put them in a plastic bag with a dryer sheet
for a day or two and the smell will disappear

6.Easy Cleanup, Use a dryer sheet to easily clean up flour, sawdust,
sugar, baby powder, etc.

7. Did Ms Whiskers leave her hair? Simply wipe over floors, furniture,
or clothes to pick up loose pet hair.

8. Obviously, Remove the static. Rub down clothes, hair, computer
screens, furniture to remove static.

9. Leave the feathered dusters for role play. Use sheets to easily
dust and wipe down surfaces.

10. Keep the dust out. Place sheets inside every Furnace/AC register
in your house. Make sure it covers the openings and replace once they
are dirty

11. Keep the dust off. Wipe down blinds, ceiling fans, tvs to help cut
down on dust build up. The antistatic in the sheets will help repel

12. Remove the Scum! Take a wet dryer sheet and use to wipe soap scum
off your shower.

13. Remove those dead bugs! Wet your car and use dryer sheets to
EASILY remove bugs from the front of your car or windshield.

14. Dull scissors? Wipe the blades down to get a smoother, sharper cut.

15. Clean those Brushes! Put a dryer sheet in warm water and let your
paint brush soak, the latex paint will wash off in under a minute!

16. Don’t smell like an outside dog. Wipe your dog down before letting
them back in to keep them from “smelling like a dog”

17. Shine it up! Wipe down chrome with a sheet to make it shiny again.

And that’s just a few of my favorite uses for dryer sheets. If you
have any that I didn’t post please let me know.


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