Glitter Those Balls

19 Dec

Wrapped look

Balls, Everyone loves them. There are so many types of balls, big balls, little balls, shiny balls, furry balls, red balls, blue balls & etc. I can go on and on about balls, because everybody knows, We all love balls. Every year we all have balls that are no longer used,   this could be those old red or clear balls, or maybe those old scratched up silver balls that has that faded rustic weathered look because they haven’t been used in so long, well why not turn them into something useful? Today im going to show you how to glitter your balls. I love glittered balls. You can never have too many of them.

Items you will need:

Glue, that dries clear (I like Aleenes Tacky Glue)
Fine Glitters (I use Martha Stewarts Fine Glitters)
Balls (Any size, color doesn’t matter, I used old clear ones)
Sponge paintbrush
Regular paintbrush
masking tape

First, take your balls, make sure that they are wiped & dry.

Ill show you how to do what I call a traditional glittered ball, it favors a wrapped present.

First take the tape, start at the top of the ball, the wrap it all the way around until its at the top on the other side,
do this between as well, to form a X at the top and bottom

Next, take the sponge brush & dabble the glue between the tape on the ball, once you’ve done all the open parts, take the tape off, WHILE the glue is still wet, be sure to hold the ball where the tape was so you don’t get glue on your fingers, this may be crafting, but I hate to get my hands messy 🙂

Next, Take your glitter and sprinkle on the wet glue, in every direction to make sure all parts of the glue is covered. I take a fine paint brush and dust off the extra glitter.

Once dried (when the glue is clear) take the painters tape and outline the part that was taped off before. once masked, same process, dabble the glue onto the glass.

While the glue is wet, remove the tape, if the glue goes a little over the red glitter, its ok.

Then take the green glitter, and sprinkle onto the wet glue. Any extra loose glitter that is on the red, just use a paintbrush and lightly brush it off. Thats the Simple way, to Glitter Your Balls. 🙂 Ill also upload a pic of the other balls I glittered to give you an idea of different designs. Have fun with your balls, Ty


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